Mug - One More
Mug - One More
Mug - One More
Mug - One More Mug - One More Mug - One More

Mug - One More

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This beautiful ceramic mug is perfect for any event of the day. Your morning coffee, a hot chocolate, or any other hot beverage you enjoy. The mug is glossy white and the prints come out beautifully and vividly on it. The print retains its quality and luster when used in both microwaves and the dishwasher.

- Ceramic 15oz mug

- Dishwasher and microwave safe

Easy exercises to do every morning

if you're not breathing like this,

You're sabotaging your workout

In general, inhale through your nose so that the air enters your belly just before the eccentric (muscle-lengthening) part of the motion. Exhale completely through your mouth during the concentric (muscle-shortening) portion of the motion.

Consider the squat: inhale just before you begin to lower down, and exhale as you extend your legs back to the starting position.

Alternatively, perform a pushup by inhaling, bending your elbows to lower your body to the ground, and exhaling as you rise back up.


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